Call for Special Sessions and Tracks

Scheduling Template The goal of special sessions (5 papers) and special tracks (at least two sessions) is to provide focused discussions on new topics or innovative applications. Each prospective session/track organizer must submit a proposal, including the title of the session, a short description and the organizer name. Please contact us as soon as possible to help you in the organization of your special session. Click on the icon to download the template. The proposals should be submitted to the Special Sessions Chair before June 10, 2015.

Special Sessions and Tracks

"Artificial Intelligence in Medicine"

Organized by HDR-Dr. Amir HAJJAM EL HASSANI (FR), Prof. Emmanuel ANDRES (FR), Dr. Samy TALHA (FR)

"Computers & Industrial Engineering in fashion industry"

Organized by Dr. Sébastien THOMASSEY (FR)

"Data Analytics and Decision Making for Smart Management"

Organized by Prof. Hsiao-Fan WANG (TW), Prof. Jei-Zheng WU (TW)

"Future Generation Computer Systems for High Performance Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing"

Organized by HdR-Dr. Camel TANOUGAST (FR), Prof. Imed KACEM (FR), Dr Daniel SINGER (FR)

"Graph Theory and Applications"

Organized by Dr. Mathieu LACROIX (FR), Dr. Sébastien MARTIN (FR)

"Health management for durable cyber-mechatronic systems"

Organized by Prof. Kondo H. ADJALLAH (FR), Dr. Alexandre SAVA (FR), Prof. Krzysztof J. KALINSKI (PL)

"Healthcare engineering and management"

Organized by Dr. Malek MASMOUDI (FR), Prof. Bassem JARBOUI (TN)

"Heuristics and Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Problems"

Organized by Prof. Mehdi TOLOO (CZ)

"Heuristics and Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling Problems" - Gotha Group

Organized by Prof. Imed KACEM (FR)

"Hub-and-Spoke operations in land and maritime transport"

Organized by Dr. Shahin Gelareh (FR), Dr. Kassem Danach (FR)

"IE Research, Education and Practice in China and East Asia"

Organized by Prof. Chenfu CHIEN (TW), Dr. Run-Liang DOU (CN)

"Industrial Big-data Instrumentation and Infrastructure Integrity"

Organized by Prof. Kondo H. ADJALLAH (FR), Prof. Yury KOLOKOLOV (RU), Prof. Jay LEE (USA)

"Integrated Maintenance and Logistics Problems"

Organized by Dr. Sid-Ali ADDOUCHE (FR), Dr. Sofiene DELLAGI (FR)

Knapsack Problems in Computer and Industrial Engineering"

Organized by Prof. Saïd Hanafi (FR), Dr. Mahdi Khemakhem (TN)

"Mining and classification models for Biomedical data or image analysis"

Organized by HdR-Dr. Camel TANOUGAST (FR), Dr. Ahmad CHADDAD (FR)

"Polyhedra and Combinatorial Optimization – POC Group"

Organized by A. Ridha MAHJOUB (FR)

"Responsive MRP"

Organized by Prof. José Antonio HEREDIA ALVARO (SP)

"Robustness and sensitivity analysis in combinatorial optimization"

Organized by Mhand HIFI (FR), Lei WU (FR)

"Supervision of manufacturing systems"

Organized by Dr. Achraf J. TELMOUDI (TN), Prof. Lyes BENYOUCEF (FR), Prof. Lotfi NABLI (TN)


Organized by Prof. Anass NAGHI (FR)

"Virtual product development"

Organized by Prof. Jean-Yves DANTAN (FR), Dr. Frédéric DEMOLY (FR), Dr. Jérôme PAILHES (FR)